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Pineapple Farms

The name, Productos Agropecuarios VISA S.A., comes from a shortened version of the last names of the couple who started the business in 1989 “Villalobos Salas” (Gerardo Villalobos and his wife Nydia Salas). With Costa Rican capital, it was built with the aim of entering other export markets with Non-Traditional Tropical Products.

During the beginning stages of operation Productos Agropecuarios VISA S.A. focused its efforts on the export of waxed Cassava (Yuca root). Later, they included other roots and tubers to their list of products, such as: Malanga root, Yautia Lila, Yautia Blanca, Coconut, Eddoes, other Taro varieties, Ginger, Plantain, Chayote Squash among others. Pineapple was later added to their list of fresh fruit products in 2002 and Rambutan in 2011.

Get to know our Pineapple Grower

Gerardo Villalobos Torres

Founder & President

Productos Agropecuarios VISA

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