Longan Farms
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Thang Dang

Thang Dang Farms

When did you start in the agriculture business?

Thang Dang Farms is a family owned and operated farming operation located in Homestead, Florida. The farm is currently being managed by Thang Dang. We produce primary exotic Asian fruits with a focus on Longan, Sugar Apple, June Plum, Guava, Mango, Sapote, Wax Apple and much more.

What do you enjoy the most about being a farmer?

The best part of farming is to be able to bring high quality products to consumers, interacting with employees, and working outside.

What is the most challenging part of farming?

After working in the farms for more than 20 years, climatic conditions are the hardest part of farming for us.

What would you like the final consumer of your produce to know about what they are eating?

We select only the best products because we care about our customers and the freshness of our products. It's important that we are able to introduce our consumer a wide selection of exotic Asian fruits.