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Longan Farms
Get to know our Longan Grower

Thang Dang

Thang Dang Farms

  • When did you start in the agriculture business?
    We have been farmers all our lives, we are children of farmers. Previously it was done as a way to support the family but starting in 1989 we started growing in commercial volumes. We have done so for more than 31 years with much effort, perseverance and sacrifice. Thanks to this, today we can proudly say that success accompanies us in every project we initiate.
  • How many people work at your farms?
    Around 700 people work on our farms, sometimes a little more and other times a little less depending on the planting and production stages.
  • What do you enjoy the most about being a farmer?
    What I enjoy the most about being a farmer is that we plant a seed that looks insignificant and at the end it turns out to be an abundant harvest. It fills us with life to see that we are producing food, and at the same time we are providing sources of employment to the people. Agriculture is the backbone of many villages and it is the only way to guarantee food security in the world.
  • What is the most challenging part of farming?
    Farming is a very risky activity where nothing is insured. We invest our assets, effort, and money in the ground despite the uncertainties of weather, rain, pests, and the dynamic/fluctuating market; however, all these risks are what make farming very attractive and fills us with hope and satisfaction. We love what we do, we produce with love.
  • What would you like the final consumer of your produce to know about what they are eating?
    I would like the final consumer to always take into account the effort behind growing our Pineapples and to always pay the right price. We work together as a team for over a year to produce and provide the final consumer with an excellent quality and delicious pineapple.
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